The 411 on Microneedling (Dermapen) Treatments

Microneedling or Dermapen is a specialized skin care treatment that can improve fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and large pores. 

How Microneedling works is by creating micro injuries just beneath the skin's surface, thereby inducing the body to respond by producing more collagen in the treated area. 

The Dermapen (microneedling device) is covered with hundreds of tiny needles. As the device rolls along the skin, the needles cause tiny holes on the dermis and epidermis. The injury is minimal but enough to stimulating the production of collagen and elastin that rejuvenates the skin.

Microneedling is best performed by a trained professional who can analyze your skin condition and recommend the best treatment as well as the number of treatments needed to see the best results. At Senses, our skin care therapist are all state licensed and have received all courses and certifications needed to be specialized in this skin care treatment. The Microneedling treatment should also be performed in a licensed salon or spa with FDA-approved, sterile equipment.

At Senses, our Microneedling treatment consists of a full facial that includes a double cleanse, mask, and moisturizer. The whole treatment generally takes about an hour.

A topical anesthetic may be used but generally the discomfort is minimal and anesthetic is not needed.

Microneedling is an extremely effective yet economical skin care treatment. You may see results even after the first session but after several session are needed to see a significant improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, reduced acne scars, more even skin tone, reduction in pore size, and improved elasticity. At Senses we also treat stretch marks and hair loss with microneedling treatments.

At Senses we are a one stop for all your beauty needs. We offer skin care treatments, full body waxing, massages, lashes, nails, and full hair services. Call us to schedule your appointments.

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