HydraFacial - One Session 07/20/24

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HydraFacial is a treatment that uses a medical-grade device to cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin. It clears dead skin cells, loosens pores, and preps them for extraction using a mix of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and botanical extracts. 

It simply feels like a tiny vacuum is lightly tugging on your skin. The Hydrafacial begins with Exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, then uses acids to peel. Pores are cleaned out during the extraction. During the treatment, your skin is exfoliated and then resurfaced, leaving you with a healthy glow

A HydraFacial, like other beauty treatments, needs to be taken from time to time to see noticeable improvements in your skin. The treatment must be scheduled every two weeks,  for  better results.



HydraFacials cost is  $99 per treatment or $255 for 3 sessions 



Price $99


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