Intimate Skin Lightning

Intimate Skin Lightning is the skin lightning of intimate areas such as the vaginal area, anus, underarms, under the breasts, inner thighs and groin areas and also knees and elbows.

 This skin treatment has been a secret for actors and actresses for many years but it is now becoming popular for everyone. Many people are unaware that with skin treatments, micro-needling, and other common treatments, intimate skin lightning can be achieved.  We are now offering this innovative treatment at Senses.

Why does the skin in intimate areas become dark?  Intimate areas are usually covered continually by a layer, or several layers, of clothing all the time. They are also in constant close contact with other areas of the body. Heat, close contact, and rubbing against clothing layers cause these areas of skin to darken over time. As a result, a concentration of melanin, the primary human skin tone factor, forms. This results in a darker area than the surrounding skin. This is completely natural but it can cause people to feel less confident about their appearance.

Intimate area lightning is easy and the results are overwhelming even after a few treatments. If the skin tone of certain private areas of your body is not allowing you to take full advantage of the summer season, a lightning regimen could be the answer. This treatment is extremely popular, and it is an extremely powerful way of getting the perfect summer body. Having a flawless skin tone is essential to looking and feeling your best. You can combine it with a Bikini wax for the perfect summer body. At Senses we offer numerous services to help you feel beautiful and confident specially during the summer months. From full body waxing, complete hair services, nails, and lashes. Call us to schedule your appointmets.

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